Not That Much Longer

So sitting here now, I am almost three-fourths of the way through my senior year of high school. While senioritis is kicking into high gear, I am trying to maintain a focused state-of-mind, as much of one that an ADD kid can have that is.

After being accepted to the college I want to go to more than anything, I started to slack off. It wasn’t until recently when I realized that even thought I’ve been accepted, I still need to actually work in school because, sadly, grades do still count.

But the reason for me being ready to graduate is not all because I’m ready to go to college, even though I really am. The reason I am so ready to graduate is because I am so very tired of the petty drama that comes with being in high school. From middle school to senior year, drama will follow you where ever you go. You can’t really help it.

When I started out my senior year, I was doing fairly well with not being involved with drama. There was a little here or there, but nothing big. Second semester hit and thats when things started to get bad. Relationship drama came about some, the anxiety of it being our last semester of high school, school load got bigger, hormones started playing a huge part and the drama overflowed.

It’s part of life though, right? Things don’t always go the way you planned them to?

I guess for now, I just push through the last 46 schools days left, and after that count down the days till I move out and go to college.

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