The Reality of High School pt. 2

So on May 31, 2013 I, Rebecca Tapp, graduated high school. It is still pretty sketchy in my mind how exactly that night went due to all of the anxiety causing it to be a blur, but I know that I graduated. So here it is, the part two: my senior year. I started offContinue reading “The Reality of High School pt. 2”

Thoughts Before my Last Week Of High School

So it’s just now truly hitting me that I’m entering my last week of high school. My last production night for the journal is tomorrow night. And to top it all off, we are graduating in 2 weeks. I mean is this real life? I’m going to miss so much. Mainly practically living in K’sContinue reading “Thoughts Before my Last Week Of High School”

A Letter to Myself Starting My Senior Year of High School

Dear Becca, You’re going into your senior year. You’re excited about being the top class in the school. You’re beyond ready to graduate, and on top of all of that, construction is starting so you have to deal with more annoying people in the hallways. Just stay calm. You will make it through. There willContinue reading “A Letter to Myself Starting My Senior Year of High School”