The Reality of High School pt. 1

I am sitting here in my last month of senior year. I am in the mentality of soaking all of the “lasts” in. Lasts like my last newspaper issue, my last play helping my mom’s kids choir at church., etc. But at the same time, I am reflecting on my last four years of high school. While, granted, most of all, if not every, senior does this, looking back at the years, my life, and I myself, have changed a lot.

Freshman Year:

Freshman year I was that awkward and shy girl lost in the big maze that was the high school. Crushing on that cute guy in a few of my classes, dating the boy and then after breaking up questioning why I dated him in the first place, having my first kiss and then my first heartbreak. All in all, freshman year was a big year to grow up, and a year for realizations. I took the classes journalism and photo journalism, which led me to meeting to two of the most influential people in my life. It led me to meeting my boyfriend four years later, but then, it led me to meeting my future newspaper adviser, Mr. K., who would become like another dad to me.  It lead me to find and verify that journalism is what I want to do for the rest of my life, along with what I want to do on the side, which is photography.

Sophomore Year:

I don’t remember much from sophomore year. I joined the newspaper staff, which ended up taking up most of my time (and life) and would for the rest of high school. The downside to being on publications I guess! But no, I loved it and will miss it greatly.

Junior Year:

I have to say that junior year was the most important year of high school for me, or the biggest. I became photo editor for the newspaper, took drivers ed, started looking into colleges, went to NYC for the first time ever and met the most amazing guy. With photo editor, like spider man, came great responsibility. I was in charge of all of the photos that went into the newspaper, along with making sure my photographers were doing their jobs and taking photos for, along with designing, the photo page. I can honestly say that being photo editor is what I’ll miss most. I’m not afraid to say it, I like being in charge of something, but it was also something that I cared about greatly and enjoyed doing. I took drivers ed, still no license but whatever lol. Then came looking at colleges, taking visits, and choosing one. Obviously, as everyone who goes through that stage of their life knows, it’s a huge step and very exciting time in one’s life. Then with spring break, going to New York City for the first time with my Aunt Connie, Uncle Michael and cousin Abby! Okay, you have no clue how exciting that was for me. Wanting to be a broadcast journalist and photographer, New York was heaven on Earth for me. I didn’t want leave. I stood looking in the Today Show studio window for five minutes. There was nothing going on, the studio was empty, but I didn’t care. It was the Today Show studio! Before spring break came the boyfriend. (Reference here to read about him) So there is not much to say on him other then that he is amazing and I love him so very much. He takes good care of me and I am very lucky.

My senior year reflection will be another post that I plan on posting not long after graduation, which is May 31! Tune back then! (:

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