Thoughts Before my Last Week Of High School

So it’s just now truly hitting me that I’m entering my last week of high school. My last production night for the journal is tomorrow night. And to top it all off, we are graduating in 2 weeks. I mean is this real life? I’m going to miss so much. Mainly practically living in K’s room like I have all year. I don’t want my life on these publications to end. It’s been practically all I’ve know the past three years, and it’s brought me to meeting so many new people and making new friends, including my boyfriend whom without publications I wouldn’t have met. I can’t thank K enough for the life lessons I’ve gained just from being on Journal and News Bureau. They will be lessons that I carry with me the rest of my life. So I’m here, the night before my last week of high school starts, this is actually happening. Wow!

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