A Letter to Myself Starting My Senior Year of High School

Dear Becca,

You’re going into your senior year. You’re excited about being the top class in the school. You’re beyond ready to graduate, and on top of all of that, construction is starting so you have to deal with more annoying people in the hallways.

Just stay calm.

You will make it through.

There will be times that you feel like time is going so slow, but don’t worry, tomorrow will go by so much faster. Next thing you know it’s May 1st and you only have 30 days till graduation.

Just stay calm.

Don’t kick your brother out of your room all the time. He just wants to hang out with his big sister who won’t be around as much after this year. You’ll realize that he isn’t as annoying and twerp like as you think. He’s actually nice and does love you. When you’re standing in my shoes at the end of the year, you’ll realize how much you will actually miss him next year.

Just stay calm.

Journal. Don’t stress so much about Journal. The things that come up are not as big of a deal as you will think they are. Don’t worry about your page as much as you will either. You already have a year under your belt, you know what you’re doing.

Just stay calm.

Don’t fight with Brandon as much. It’s not worth it. You’ll just end up making up, and chances are the fight was over something not worth it to begin with. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Also, love him as much as possible. He will need it. This year is going to be the hardest year he ever goes through, and when he takes things out on you, just let him vent. That’s all he is truly doing, he’s venting. Just breath and help him in anyway you think possible. When he cries dropping you off after lunch on Sundays, just hold him and let him cry. Stay strong cause him seeing you cry will make him cry more. Keep reminding yourself through the rough patch that in the end, it will be worth it. Also remind yourself that he is the most amazing guy ever, and that you are so very lucky to have him.

Just stay calm.

Lastly, don’t hate your parents as much. They aren’t as bad as you think they are in the moment. They are going through this all blindly with you too. Your dad just wants what’s best for you. When he yells at you and says all the things he does, it’s just cause he cares. At the performance for jailhouse rock, run up to your mom at the end and just hug her and cry, you both will need it.

Just stay calm.

Don’t wish it all away. It’ll go by fast enough as it is. Just take in all the football games, journal production nights, theater performances, kids choir practices, etc. It’s the last time you’ll be able to do most of it.



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